KVADRO Ltd. was found in 17.10.1991.

Company produces household chemical goods, automotive and technical products and cosmetics in aerosol and other packaging.

In 2001 or company installed new automatic aerosol production line KP Aerofill. Due of this fact work productivity increased. Our company has two aerosol filling lines that allow us to make ready any client order in shortest time.

At this time capacity of the production is 7-8mln aerosols per year.

And also Company makes contract filling of different products. We could provide development of the formulation and produce everyone product in aerosol and other packaging with design and trade mark (private label) of the customer.

KVADRO Ltd. offers wide range of the products:

Repellents for mosquitoes and ticks MAGA: effectively deters mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, gadfly, flies and other insects that bite.

Household goods: antistatic, air fresheners, shoes care products, furniture care products, goods for starching and ironing, different cleaning products (for glass, for surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms, padded furniture and carpet cleaners, ceramic hob cleaners, drain unblockers), insecticides for flying and crawling insects etc.

ECO cleaners and detergents: ecological dishwashing detergent, concentrated color and white laundry detergent for automatic washing machines, detergent for toilets.

Cosmetics: hair sprays and hair mousses, deodorants, shaving foam, sun-protection, body care products, etc.

Automotive and technical products: car cockpit cleaners, silicone for car rubber, lock deicer and car window deicer, agent against windows sweating, lubricator and reliever from rust, engine and wheel rim cleaner, etc.