• Bathroom cleaner

    Bathroom cleaner for: bathtubs, sinks, showers, WC pots, tiles, accessories. Effectively removes lime, rust and soap plaque.

    Volume: 730ml

  • Kitchen cleaner

    Intended for heavily greasy surfaces: sinks, tables, hobs, ovens, microwave ovens, tiles, accessories, refrigerators, hoods, floors, walls, etc. Easily cleans grease, soot and various kinds of dirt. Forgive shine and a pleasant aroma. Means forming a thin layer of protection, which protects the surface from fast become dirty. Restores gloss chrome and nickel plated faucets and other accessories. Prevents lime soap and plaque formation.

    Volume: 730ml

  • Ceramic hob cleaner

    Ceramic hob cleaner for daily use. Does not damage the cooktop, easily released from the fat and resin plaque. Restores the shine to the surface and creates a protective layer in order to enhance future care.

    Volume: 730ml

  • Drain unblocker

    Effectively eliminates clogging drainage pipes: sinks, tubs, toilets. Eliminates unpleasant odors. Thanks to the active ingredients, quickly penetrate deep into the tube and dissolve fats, food waste, hair, paper, etc. Perfectly suitable and safe for all types of metal and plastic pipes. Do not use ceramic and aluminum pipes!

    Volume: 730ml

  • WC cleaner

    Made of environmentally friendly materials.

    Effective for both toilet inside and outside. Quickly and easily removes rust and limestone caused by dirt. Eliminates unpleasant odors, refreshes, provides freshness and purity.

    Volume: 730ml

  • Window cleaner

    Universal cleaning agent with antistatic effect for windows, mirrors, blinds, crystal, porcelain, car windscreens, TV screens and computer monitors. Removes dust, dirt, grease and fingerprints from glass and other smooth surfaces. Prevents dust accumulation. When cleaning does not leave stains and streaks. Gives shine and a pleasant aroma. The product contains alcohol for easy surface cleaning and polishing.

    Produkta tilpums: 730ml

  • Furniture polish with beeswax and antistatic

    Very effective for cleaning and protection of wood and similar surfaces. With antistatic effect. This product gives natural shine to the surface, protects it from humidity and decrease accumulation of dust on it.

    Volume: 300 ml

  • Padded furniture cleaner

    This foam is for fast and effective padded furniture, carpet and different textile cleaning. Refreshes colors and decrease accumulation of dust.

    Volume: 300 ml

  • „SEKUNDA” – windows and glass cleaners with antistatic effect and odour of lemon

    This product could be applied for any “light” cleaning purposes. It effectively cleans and gives shine to home and car windows, mirrors and other hard surfaces.

    Volume: 300 ml, aerosol